Weight Loss
Find everything you need to crush your fitness goals such as workout routines, training plans, workout videos, fitness tips, exercise trends, workout playlists, gear, clothes and more.

5 Minute Fitness Solutions star
There´s 168 hours in a week and you absolutely have five minutes to spare. The best exercise moves to tone up and de-stress without wasting hours in the gym.

At-Home Workouts vs. Gym Workouts star
Pros and cons of at-home workouts so you can decide whether it´s for you plus links to great articles on building an inexpensive home gym, building a home-gym you´ll use and 2 weeks of free workouts from GHF.

Best Exercise To Lose Weight star
While there may not be one best exercise to lose weight there is a way to workout that will get you to your goal weight faster and keep you there permanently. The facts, the myths, and the reality of how to exercise for weightloss.

Best Workouts for Fat Loss star
Tired of working out like an exercise addict and not getting the results you want. This workout guide shows you what workouts waste your time and what workouts burn the most fat.

Boot Camp Workout Weightloss Secrets star
Boot camp workout weightloss secrets that guarantee your own weight loss success story, increased energy and motivation, and a new attitude about food and exercise.

Cardio Haters Guide to Burning Calories star
If cleaning your bathroom sounds more appealing than doing cardio then do that instead. Ideas on how to burn calories without spending hours on cardio machines.

Celebrity Trainer Fat Loss Secrets star
Transform your body with top tips from five awesome celebrity trainers. Five simple and effective ways to get a lean sexy superstar body in no time.

Crosstraining For Weightloss star
Find out how varying your cardio can make a huge impact on your weightloss efforts and motivation.

Dance Workouts for A Flat Belly star
The three things your dance workout must include to help you get flat sexy abs plus some suggestions to get you started.

Downward Dog for Increased Fat Burning star
Yoga´s downard dog is a passive restorative pose but it also has the power to ignite fat burning. Why it works and five ways to incorporate it. Plus special offer from my yoga

Exercise Excuse Buster star
Top 9 exercise excuses busted. How to get yourself motivated and get moving.

Get Bikini Body Abs In Just Two Weeks star
Lose the flab and tighten your tummy in just two weeks with this five step fool proof plan that works on anyone!

Get Lean for Fabulous Abs star
3 easy diet and fitness guidelines to lower your bodyfat for fabulous abs and overall definition.

Get Lean In 15 star
Get great results from your quick workouts with top tips from Get Lean In 15. Four easy to follow guidelines that work plus sneak peak at the Get Lean In 15 Workout

Gym Workouts vs. A-Home Workouts star
Pros and cons of gym workouts so you can decide whether it´s for you plus links to great articles on getting a gym memberships, hiring a personal trainer, and more.

High Intensity Cardio star
Find out why high intensity cardio is much better for fat burning, boosting metabolism, improving fitness, and maintaining lean muscle. Plus 20 minute hiit workout.

How To Build A Home Gym You´ll Use star
Forget about resolutions. This 3-step guide shows you how to figure out where, when, and how to workout and what equipment you´ll need. Plus 2 great examples of home gyms and fitness tools for different goals.

How Yoga Boosts Weightloss star
Check out 5 ways that yoga can help you shed fat and lose weight. Plus ways to incorporate it into your day for great results.

Lean Legs Four Week Challenge star
Do you want lean, sculpted legs, and tighter glutes? Many women carry more body fat in the hips and thighs than in the upper body. This challenge targets the glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps. Include the dietary recommendations below to lose extra pounds and to get quicker results.

Lose Belly Fat Fast Guide star
Sick and tired of your stubborn belly fat? Start getting visible results within days with 7 lose belly fat fast tips that work for real people plus the 7 exercises and 4 week workout plan that will melt your belly fat faster than you ever imagined.

Should You Hire A Fitness Trainer? star
Stop wasting time and money and get your best body ever with the help of a fitness trainer.

Stick To Your Workout Program star
Everybody needs extra motivation to get through those tough times. Here´s 5 tips to help you stick with your workout program and get you excited about fitness again.

Ten Minute Workout Challenge star
Ready to shape up for the summer? Take the ten minute workout challenge with short and effective workout segments designed using body weight exercises.

The 30 Minute Circuit Workout star
A quick full body circuit workout can burn fat, burn tons of calories, while sculpting and toning. Here's what types of exercises to include, how to group them, and what not to waste your time on.

The Real Reason to Exercise star
Your reasons to exercise are just like everyone else´s. Lose weight, fit into your clothes, look better, and feel better. Those are all great reasons but they won´t keep you going long term. Here´s the real reason to exercise that will get you hooked for life and get you to look fabulous in your birthday suit too.

Thirty Day Weight Loss Challenge Abs and Core star
Ready to lose weight, strengthen your core and tone your abdominals? This is an easy but effective thirty day challenge to incorporate into your current routine. You will work your core and target the abdominals with specific exercises that can be done at home with no equipment required.

Top 3 Exercises for Fat Loss & Fitness star
The 3 best exercises for lower body, upper body, and core. What they work, how they benefit you, and awesome dvd´s that feature them plus mini-workout for you to try!

Walk Away The Pounds star
Want to walk away the pounds? The best fat burning tips from Leslie Sansone's 5 Day Slim Down plan. The walking tips you need to blast the fat indoors or outdoors.

Walk Your Way to Fitness & Weightloss star
Walking is the easiest and least expensive way to get fit, and lose weight. Everything you need to get started plus great ways to get motivated.

Weightloss Cardio Workout Tips star
Cardio workouts not working for weight loss? The top cardio workout mistakes and the best cardio workout tips you need to lose weight quickly and easily

What Counts As A Workout? star
Lifting weights at the gym isn´t the only thing that counts as exercise. When it comes to moving for fitness and health the possibilities are unlimited.

Why Everyone Should Cross Train star
Cross training is a great way to improve overall fitness and performance. If you do repetitive activities over an extended period of time, you have an increased risk of developing an overuse injury.

Yoga Booty Ballet Review star
Are you looking for an exercise program that you can easily incorporate into your daily routine and not leave the comfort of your home? Check out my review of Beachbody's Yoga Booty Ballet.

Yoga For Weightloss star
Yoga for Weightloss is a super effective way to lose weight because it addresses body, mind, and spirit. How it works and tips to get started.

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